What We've Done

A list of the wonderful events we've had the pleasure of collaborating on.


That was fun!!

Loaded SixString poster-01.jpg

Loaded SixString

These good old boys cranked out the tunes and we enjoyed every loaded moment!

Ariana Gillis poster-01.jpg

Ariana Gillis

First in The Beautiful North Concert Series, Ariana Gillis performed live at McCloskey's. Presented by Waterloo Brewery in conjunction with The McCloskey Project, Ariana stunned Chesterville with her songs. “I’ve never seen an unknown performer with more power as when I saw Ariana…. I couldn’t stop talking about her. She may be the best new emerging artist anywhere.” Writer - Rock Critic - Historian, Dave Marsh


Heirs of the Dog poster.jpg

Heirs of the Dog

We welcomed Heirs of the Dog to McCloskey's!! We heard them play an eclectic array of groovy tunes from the 60's, 70's, and the nasty 80's.

Classic Soul poster-01.jpg

Classic Soul

Classic Soul is an incredible blend of creativity and sheer musical chops! This duo brings a unique take to covering classic rock and soul. We were happy to have them return to the McCloskey Hotel!

Country Rocks

The name says it all! These rounded and seasoned players had us kickin' up dust and stompin' our feet all night!! This was their second appearance at McCloskey's. We welcomed them back in style!

Jesse Stone

Jesse Stone is a professional Canadian songwriter and touring musician from Montreal. He's a prolific songwriter, with over a hundred compositions in the country rock and folk genres. His performances generally feature strictly original music and he's distinguished himself as an artist who regularly can carry a 4-hour night with only original material. Many of you came down to McCloskey's and experiencde this Canadian talent!



The Elementals played from their new album "Mother Nature and Her Bipolar Tendencies", we rocked at McCloskey's with Elementals.